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At Branksome Hall, well-being supports each community member, allowing them to flourish and enhancing their capacity for resilience. Beyond physical fitness, students and employees are able to participate in holistic wellness initiatives that promote positive mental health, peer-to-peer mentoring, mindful meditation and the conscious creation of community connections.


This week at Branksome we celebrated gratitude by being actively thankful and showing appreciation for each other. Showing gratitude can be as simple as saying “thank you,” smiling at someone or returning kindness.  Read More

Yoga mats, skipping ropes and basketballs sound like something you might find in a gymnasium, but in the Branksome Hall Middle School they are turning up in classes — from English to Science. It’s all part of an initiative to encourage wellness breaks during lessons. And students are loving it! Read More

Stretching into Warrior pose, Grade 1 student Kathryn raises her hands above her head, extends one leg behind the other and twists her body to the side. “Yoga makes me feel good and impressed with myself,” Kathryn says. “It’s fun to do and easy!” Read More

Creating a caring community is a cornerstone of Branksome’s culture, with the well-being of our students, employees and entire community a top priority. Our Compassionate Community Week, held in conjunction with Ontario’s Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week, provided students with many activities to put these ideas into action. Read More


  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uaq1rS10PLc&t=1s
  • http://www.branksome.on.ca/awc/Pages/Videos/Leadership%20Dinner.aspx
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