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Branksome continues to set the pace for innovation in girls’ education — ensuring today’s students are well- prepared to solve tomorrow’s complex problems and shape a better world.


When girls code they solve problems, create solutions and have fun! That’s why we jumped at the chance to host another Hackergals’ Hackathon, which introduces young girls to coding. Read More

Astronauts, planets and the International Space Station are just some of the topics students of all grades are probing. Space exploration and innovation is skyrocketing at Branksome as some students met with a NASA robotics flight controller, while others coded a message to send into space. Read More

When was the last time you saw a girl walking on a treadmill while working on a math problem? Can you ever remember hearing a teacher encourage her students to sketch out their thoughts with markers on their desks or their classroom’s walls? Read More

Adults don’t often ask children how to prepare for the future of the planet. But that’s exactly what happened when Grade 8 Branksome students, Juliette and Cayden, were invited to participate in an international conference in Sagamihara, Japan. Read More


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