September 2016


The Chandaria Research Centre (CRC), opens it’s doors at Branksome Hall, launching a range of empirical research into girls’ learning, wellness and global engagement. With the opening of the CRC, Branksome joins the ranks of the few school-based research centres in Canada and internationally. The CRC marks the legacy of the Chandaria family's commitment to our school and their belief in the value of a Branksome Hall education.

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September 2016


Opening of Junior School Makerspace, the Grade 9/10 Hub and the STEAM Studio. Branksome is trying out new kinds of learning spaces—including 'campfires' and 'watering holes,' plus tables you can write on. "Teachers have traditionally worked in one-size-fits-all environments with rows of chairs and desks," says Amanda Kennedy, head of the Middle and Senior Schools. "But the classroom of the future will be much more flexible and learner-centric."

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December 2016


Order of Canada winner and alumna Fiona SAMPSON’81 shares her ground-breaking work on achieving justice for Kenyan girls with the Branksome community. Named the “160 Girls” project, this ground-breaking legal initiative worked to achieve justice for girls in Kenya and protect them against rape. The project set in place action which orders the state to enforce existing laws to hold rapists accountable for their actions.

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November 2016


Branksome hosts its first annual Alumnae Family Fun day It was hard to tell who had a better time at Branksome's inaugural Alumnae Family Fun Day— the many children, toddlers and babies in attendance or their parents. "It was a kid-focused weekend event, making it easy for our alum to reconnect with Branksome," says Karen CORDES Woods'99, Vice President of the Alumnae Association Executive and lead organizer of the event.

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March 2017


For the 13th year, students and faculty participated in the Triangle of Hope community service program in Queenstown, South Africa. Since 2004, students and faculty travel to South Africa, to help support different classrooms, lead “sister circles” with high school Get Ahead College students of the same age, and experience day-to-day life in the community. Branksome teachers work alongside the South African teachers sharing curriculum initiatives and encouraging each other in their own teaching needs.

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April 2017


Branksome’s first-ever student-led and organized TEDx Youth Conference. The conference, which took many months of preparation, included eight presenters. Conference Co-directors Emma Lozhkin and Alison Dudu are thrilled with its success. “TEDx provides a unique experience for students to come and hear about a variety of topics that are both unrelated but equally interesting,” Emma says while welcoming students, friends and parents to the Allison Roach Performing Arts Centre.

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May 2017


Junior School choir members were thrilled to be up on the field at the Blue Jays game. It was pure fun and excitement for the girls to perform in front of an audience of 30,000 who cheered them on.

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June 2017


Branksome alumna Toni TROW Myers’61, who both produced and directed the 3D IMAX film A Beautiful Planet, gave a wonderful speech at our 10th annual Green Carpet celebration. With an impressive film career spanning five decades, Ms Myers spoke about her experiences using cutting-edge technology, working with celebrities like John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and Tom Cruise. Ms Myers had the opportunity to train NASA astronauts to help capture the footage in space, while sometimes directing shots from her cellphone back on earth.

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September 2017


Nearly 200 educators from around the world participated in Branksome's three-day IB Summer Workshops. Our faculty always inspires, motivates and educates our students but over the summer many teachers became students themselves as they participated in Branksome's three-day IB Summer Workshops. "Everyone is sharing their ideas from all over Ontario, all over the world, and the takeaways are endless," said Paul Lamoureux, a workshop participant and principal from London, Ontario.

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September 2017


A global story unfolded on campus when 70 Grade 9 students from Branksome Hall Asia came to visit their Canadian counterparts for the Grade 9 Global Leaders Program. Collaborating in international teams, the girls enjoyed activities that combined English, History and Arts as they researched the stories of women in Toronto.

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